I Heart Love ❤️

Here at the hospital it is “Heart Month.” From the beginning of February all of the NICU and PICU babies are given little red beanies to celebrate the strong little ones like Brody who are born with Congenital Heart Defects. Not only this, but it also happens to be Valentines Day!

It is so fitting that February would be the month that has brought the most love I have ever experienced, both for Brody and Kyler. Being a mom to Brody has had an insane hold on my heart, I can’t express the feelings flowing through me when I stare into his eyes. And Kyler has been the most selfless, caring husband. His capacity to lovingly take care of me through a difficult csection has been above and beyond what I could have asked for. I love how much our love for one another has grown within just a week.

This month has also given me a new appreciation for hearts. I am absolutely amazed by God’s complex design of the human heart, how intricate and powerful it is at keeping our bodies alive. It’s astonishing how Brody was at risk of death from even the smallest little complication.

I am forever grateful that God gave Brody’s surgeons from Stanford a love and passion for little hearts like his. I am blown away by their attentive skill and knowledge to perform an 8 hour surgery on a heart the size of a strawberry.

A “❤️” symbol now makes me think strength, power, and beauty. From now on, Valentines Day will hold such a deeper meaning.

Happy day of love ❤️

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