Little Drummer Boy

Oh Brody… this kid knows how to keep us on our toes, that’s for sure!

Tuesday I went in to Sutter Roseville for my usual Non-Stress Tests (NST) where they have been monitoring Brody’s heart rate and my contractions twice a week for the past month.

These appointments are my “dates” with Brody, I lay back and listen to his sweet heart beat for a half hour or so and chat with the specialist. I normally love this time with him, but this appointment and the ones that followed left me having a heart-attack (figuratively of course).

Upon being put on the monitor, Brody’s heart rate was a nightmare- not only was he experiencing an incredibly low heart rate, but it would spike and then drop off to nothing… NOTHING. I just sat there staring at the machine- beeping and flashing red- only to pick back up again after a few missed beats. Trying to keep me calm, the specialist commented- “His heart sounds like the Little Drummer Boy , “Pa rum pum pum pum.” The flashing and beeping only continued… my heart wrapping in knots, awaiting the flatline to return back into a pulse each time.

His normal “mountain top and valley” heart rate now resembled a broken rollercoaster- fast inclines with corkscrews and then a huge drop-off leading to nothing.

Concerned- the specialist started suggesting further testing and that I might have to have my c-section that same day. Although I was incredibly excited to meet him early- I knew that this would only complicate his birth plan.

Fortunately, after hours of testing they decided to let me go- deciding that this strange arrhythmia was at least stable enough to keep him alive. The following days this week I did all of my testing in Sacramento, each time his heart responding the same- paining my momma’s heart for my sweet boy.

After many threats of an earlier c-section, and hours of time in the hospital, I am happy to say that Brody will in fact be born this upcoming Tuesday, February 5th as planned. Although it was a frightening week, I am all the more grateful that he is doing well enough to make it to his scheduled birthday.

In the meantime, I am cherishing every last kick until I get to finally hold those feisty little feet in my hands.

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