Brody Update 02/11/19

Each day Kyler and I get to celebrate new victories with our sweet Brody. We are incredibly blown away with the progress our son has made in such a short amount of time. Doctors and nurses keep coming into Brody’s room to tell us how impressed they are with him.

We are told over and over again how “this doesn’t happen,” that children do not recover this quickly after heart surgery. We know with full certainty that all of Brody’s success is due to the many prayers lifted up on his behalf. The Lord has worked an absolute MIRACLE.

Besides the fact that Brody went in for heart surgery a week early, he is now completely free of ANY help breathing. His ventilator came off the day after surgery, and today (just 4 days after the procedure) he is completely free of oxygen support, his breathing tubes have been removed. EVERY breath he breathes is completely done on his own with his newly formed heart. We couldn’t be more proud!

A prayer of mine from the very beginning was that Brody would be able to breast feed. Unfortunately, most babies like Brody do not do well latching on and have an aversion to nursing, bottle feeding, and pacifiers because they have had such a negative experience with so many tubes going in through the mouth and nose.

I am pleased to say that Brody LOVES his pacifier. In fact, he has such strong grip on his binky that one of nurses joked that if she tried to pull it out, she would pick up him with it!

Today he took his very first bottle, and is going to do feedings every 2 hours of my breast milk. Our current prayer request is that he latches on and breast feeds when it comes time to move to that phase of his recovery.

We have high hopes that Brody will only continue to progress day by day and that we will get to bring him home in two weeks at the very latest! Thank you for your constant love and support of our blessed son.

Featured image by Jordan Gleason, on Instagram-


  1. Penny L Hansen

    Just love reading the updates on Brody, truly a miracle. thank you for all the updates you will probably never really understand what it means to us near and far that aren’t right there with you, Kyler, and Brody at the hospital. Continued prayers for all of you!

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